Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes

Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes

There is an alarming increase in the number of cases of DABETES due to change in lifestyle which is deteriorating the health and reducing lifespan. Ayurveda can play a significant role in curbing this disease.

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder, in which body is unable to use glucose leading to high blood sugar levels. Normally insulin helps the cells to take up glucose. It turns glucose into energy. Insulin disorder leads to Diabetes.

Ayurveda medicine is a unique form of healthcare which maintains proper balance. It is a form of Indian holistic treatment which was developed some 3500 years ago.

Ayurveda addresses diabetes using prolonged approach. It involves restriction of diet, increased activity like exercise, nourishment and balance food.

Diabetes patient will experience frequent urination, increased hunger, burning palms and souls, weight loss and blurry vision.

Remedies for diabetes

Diet plan- Diet plans plays chief role in managing diabetes. It is a normal balanced diet but there is proper time interval between food intakes. Avoid simple sugars and add complex sugars in your diet.

Herbal and natural therapy- Many common herbs and vegetable claim to have blood sugar lowering properties which help in fighting Type 2 Diabetes.

  • Bitter melon- Bitter lemon is known as Plant insulin. It contains insulin like compound polypeptide-p. It also contains lectin which is known to reduce blood glucose level. Drink bitter melon juice every morning empty stomach. Remove the skin and seeds of 4-5 bitter gourds. Crush them to a make a paste and then press this paste on a sieve an extract the juice.
  • Fenugreek- Fenugreek helps lower blood glucose by slowing down digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. It has proved to be effective in treating patients with diabetes. Take 4 tbsp of fenugreek seeds. Soak them in 250 ml water overnight .Crush them in the morning. Strain the mixture and collect the water. Drink it every day for 2 months.
  • Cinnamon- Cinnamon is known to increase insulin sensitivity and reduce serum glucose, triglycerides. Boil 1 L of water. Let it simmer for 20 min and then add 3 spoons of cinnamon powder. Strain the mixture. Drink entire amount of this water everyday
  • Berries- Berries are known to lower blood glucose level. It contains flavonoids which strengthens blood vessels and prevent retinopathy due to diabetes. Eat 8-10 black berries daily
  • Aloe vera- Aloe Vera decreases blood lipids and also aids in healing process. Intake of aloe vera juice twice a day will keep diabetes in control.



Ayurveda is a form of holistic treatment, with no side effects. It believes in treatment through natural herbs and spices. It is long term treatment and cure from the roots. It focuses on diet plan and consuming rich foods. Ayurveda treatment has potential to treat Diabetes.

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