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AMULYA DANT TOOTHPASTE Complete Dental Care Herbel Toothpaste


Amulya Dant Toothpaste is a unique blend of traditional indian herbs and modern pharma technology. This herbal toothpaste helps to keep your teeth healthy and protects the gums from diseases. It helps and fights tooth decay. It also fights cavities and promotes mineralization.

AMULYA ORAL CARE Fights Bad Breath Kills Germ


Amulya Oral Care is very effective herbal formula to protect your teeth and gums against germs that causes plaque & gingivitis, sensitivity, bad breath. Regular use gives long lasting fresh breath, strengthen gums and provides relief from the mouth ulcers.



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IMC ALOE CHARCOAL DANT MANJAN IS HERE, NOW CAVITIES WILL NOT SCARE!! Keep Teeth And Gums Safe With IMC Aloe Charcoal Dant Manjan. Its use will make a reason to smile proudly and distinctively. KEEP THE DENTIST AWAY WITH IMC ALOE CHARCOAL DANT MANJAN!!


IMC Aloe Charcoal Dental Cream 100gm

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Aloe Charcoal Dental Gel helps in maintaining your optimum oral hygiene. It helps in preventing and mitigating bad odour and infections like pyorrhea and helps in relieving toothache and keeping the gums healthy. It is a herbal product made to retain your beautiful smile, naturally.


IMC Aloe Dental Cream 100gm

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Complete Dental Care Aloe Dental Cream is naturally crafted to give you the complete dental care for a beautiful smile. Your search for complete dental care ends here with Aloe Dental Cream, which has been formulated to provide improved dental health by taking care of various issues.