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Aloe Mind Bold 30tab

324.00 360.00

Aloe Mind Bold is packed with mind-nourishing herbs like Ashwagandha, Brahmi and Shankhpushpi that helps you combat mental dullness, allowing you to reach your full potential in every intellectual space of life. It helps to improve memory and concentration by relaxing the mind.

AMULYA CALKID Power of Calcium Iron & Zinc


Amulya Calkid is essential not only for bones but also important for the whole body. Make sure that your child must get enough of this nutrient. Amulya Calkid is a combination of Calcium, Iron & Zinc. Calcium improves bone density, Iron helps in building RBC (Red Blood Cells) & Zinc improves growth & digestion.

AMULYA GROWTH PLUS Complete & Balanced Nutrition


Amulya Growth Plus is a nutritive supplement for children lagging behind on proper growth. Each serving of Amulya Growth Plus provides protein, vitamins and minerals which helps in strengthening natural immunity and support brain development.

AMULYA STRESS CARE Relief Stress & Anxiety Promotes Sleep


Amulya Stress Care is a unique combination of multiple herbs such as : Brahmi, Shankpushpi, yotishmati, Ashwagandha, Shilajit and many others. It improves the memory and strengthen nervous system. It is useful in mental stress, lack of concentration, anxiety, tension & insomnia.


Baidyanath BRAHMI TEL

153.00 170.00

Product Information – this Baidyanath Brahmi Tel is an 100% Ayurvedic Medicine, it is Useful for head massages to relieve hair fall, anxiety, tension, headache and to treat sleeplessness. Also helpful to relief dizziness.


Baidyanath MEMORAX Tablet

108.00 120.00

Baidyanath Memorex is herbal product which is benificial and provides profits such as this is suggested in Ayurvedic cure of Mental condition,obesity and tension. Supports memory function. Enhance all aspects of mental performance, including intelligence, concentration, awareness, perception & learning capacity.


Baidyanath SRI GOPAL TEL

221.40 246.00

The benefits of Sri Gopal Tail are wide-ranging. It is an ayurvedic medicinal oil that can help with multiple neuro-muscular conditions. It is widely used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The formulation can also help with brain capacity and memory power. Sri Gopal Tail is quite the miracle cure-all that can be used to treat a milieu of health disorders.


Patanjali Divya KULYA MISHRAN 10gm

72.00 80.00

Divya KulyaBhasma Mishran is a very effective medicine that prevents neurological disorders like epilepsy, hysteria attacks, etc. It nourishes and boosts the brain and nervous system and soothes any brain damages from injury or disease which could be the root cause for epileptic attacks. Divya KulyaBhasma Mishran is prepared through a very elaborate procedure to extract the best from herbs and plants. It therefore has no side effects. Take Divya Kulya Bhasma Mishran for lasting recovery from nervous disorders.

  • Prevents epileptic and hysteria attacks and other nervous disorders
  • Boosts the brain and nervous system

No matter how hard we try, we generally tend to go haywire and may not be able to focus on the assigned task. Distractions are always present around us. Be it the social media, not being able to sit at one place, colleagues, family, pets or simply anything or anyone. Distractions always tend to break our concentration power. Concentration helps and as well affect in multiple fields of our life. The inability to concentrate and focus on something has become the major concern today; both for the elders as well as the younger ones. There are a few ayurvedic herbs which are helpful in improving the concentration and focus of the people. Here is the list:

Calamus: This ayurvedic herb is not recommended to take internally as it comes for the topical use in various forms like portion of herbal oil, dry powder or paste. it has been widely known for meditation which enhances focus and concentration. For increasing meditational powers, most of the yogis take this ayurvedic root. It stimulates the power of self expression and enhances intelligence. This wonderful ayurvedic herb enhances awareness and concentration, healthy brain, increases communication and sharpens the memory.

Ashwaghandha: Ashwaghandha, according to ayurvedic herbalists take its benefits to re-juvenate the long term sleep rhythms. It is believed that the consumption of ashwaghanda promotes healthy memory and a strong nervous system.

It is the best ayurvedic herb to promote a healthy memory and a strong nervous system. It has been loaded with relaxing and grounding herbal properties which calm the fatigue or the stress caused. It is good for students as it improves memory which eventually promotes the learning and testing of a child or an adult. It is consumed with heated herbs like pepper and ginger. The supplements with ashwaghandha are beneficial for helping sleep.