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Amulya Amritatulsi Rasayan is a combination of two powerful natural herbs Giloy and Tulsi. It is used to enhance immunity to fight against numerous infections. It is helpful in fever, dengue fever, rheumatism, uric acid and allergic cough and cold.

AMULYA CEFTRIN Anti Infective Ayurvedic Therapy


Amulya Ceftrin is a unique well-balanced formulation which tones up body’s defence mechanism to meet the challenges of day to day allergies and infections. It increases the level of antibody forming cells and helps the body to strengthen its natural immunity. It is also beneficial in respiratory infections & skin diseases.



Amulya cough syrup is a best combination of herbs, which provides relief from cough and cold without any side effects. It provides fast relief from acute cough, whooping cough, soar thought and bronchitis.

AMULYA COUGH SYRUP Decongestant & Expectorant


Amulya Cough Syrup is a best combination of herbs, which provides relief from dry cough and cold without any side effects. It provides fast relief from acute cough, whooping cough, sore throat and bronchitis.

AMULYA RAS Detoxify the Body


Amulya Ras 7x is an unique blend of seven herbs i.e. Aloevera with fibres, Amla, Tulsi, Geloye, Wheatgrass, Daruhaldi & Ashwagandha. It helps to maintain good health and energies the entire body system. Its antioxidant properties remove the toxins form the body. It promotes digestion, purifies the abdominal passage Increases RBC and improves Immunity.



Amulya Tulsi Drops 5x acts as a natural detoxifier which purifies blood and helps in removing the toxins from blood. Being antibiotic, anti bacterial & anti viral in action is extremly useful in upper respiratory ailments like bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis etc & also useful in skin diseases both when consumed and applied tropically.


Jeevan Shree Asthma Care Capsules

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Jeevan Shree Ayurveda are providing an excellent quality array of Asthma Care Capsule to our prestigious clients. These offered ranges of products can improve lung function, reduce the incidence and severity of asthma attacks, and strengthen the immune system. Apart from this, these capsules are offered at very reasonable rates.

There are various healing properties of the herbs that are believed to have treated many respiratory problems. These herbs work as a stimulator of the bronchial system that eliminates excess phlegm from the throat, clears your lungs and treat bronchitis, tuberculosis and other lung diseases. There are anti-inflammatory properties and anti-bacterial properties that are beneficial in treating such diseases without putting any worse affect on the lungs which otherwise happen in the course of the chemical based medicines.

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