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AMULYA FEMIZON SYRUP Life Guard for Ladies


Amulya Femizon Syrup are completely safe herbal tonic to cure number of body ailments in ladies such as failing strength, vitality, hormonal imbalance, body ache, vertigo, non specific leucorrhoea. Effective in increasing the vitality and gives resistance to diseases in ladies.

AMULYA LEUCOL CARE Cure for Leucorrhoea


Amulya Leucol Care is a combination of Herbs which works on female reproductive system to stregthen it and
relieves symptoms of abnormal uterine bleeding. It mainly works on ovary, endometrial layer and cervix to correct
their infection, inflammation & improve their functions which ultimately increase their resistance power.



It is made with ultra soft Cotton with negative Ion strip It helps to maintain good hygiene during the periods and it reduces the risk of urinary track infections.

AMULYA UTERINE CARE Herbal Uterine & Menstrual Regulator


Amulya Uterine Care is related to diseases of female genital tract. The powerful herbal formulation of uterine care stimulates uterine contractions to be more frequent & prolong. Herbs like ashoka, dhatki pushp strengthen the uterine walls thus helps in menses related problems like amennorrhoea, dysmenorrhoea, oligomenorrhoea etc.

DOSAGE : 1-2 Capsule twice or thrice a day after meals with luke warm water.


SHPL Happy Feeling Oil – 30ml. (Women Care Ayurvedic Treatment)

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SHPL Happy Feeling Oil – 30ml. (Women Care Ayurvedic Treatment). Saarvasri Herbs Happy Feeling Oil contains many natural herbs. Happy Feeling Oil indicates in Sagging vagina due to aging, pregnancy and other factors. Happy Feeling Oil is a special product made to maintain and restore youth in women. It helps to restore firmness of female breasts and vagina if applied regularly. Most of its contents are astringent and offer firmness to the muscles and skin.