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(IMC) Tru Health 30tab


IMC Tru Health tablets helps to boost immunity and energy. It keeps the heart healthy and prevents from heat stroke. It controls diabetes, blood pressure and blood cholesterol. It relieves joint pain and arthritis. It helps to reduce weight and maintains metabolism and supports boosting brain power, concentration and sharpens memory. It is highly effective for mental, physical and sℯxual weakness.

AMULYA ASHWA 10X OIL Ayurvedic Men Oil


Amulya Ashwa 10x Oil is safe & effective preparation for Vir-VIGOUR, VITALITY & strength, free from any side effects. It works as a male libido enhancer. The Ashwa 10x as restorative & aphrodisciac thus helps in erection power & strengthen the muscles. Overall general ability is improved & enhances male sℯxual power.

AMULYA VITO POWER Improve Vitality


Amulya Vito Power is new class high end ayurvedic herbal formulations made with natural herbs & extracts. Vito power naturally rejuvenates & improves natural vigour & vitality. It is a powerful sℯx stimulant which improves sℯxual health by reducing physical & mental stress & acts as aphrodisiac, nervine tonic to stimulates & promotes longevity.

Baidyanath Dhatu Paushtik Churn For Men’s Problem


Baidyanath Dhatupaushtik Churna herbal medicine helps to treat weakness and impotency while also improving symptoms relating to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Baidyanath VISHNU TEL


Baidyanath Vishnu Taila is a polyherbal Ayurvedic medicated oil referenced from Bhaishajya Ratnavali. This oil is used both internally and externally and indicated in all nervous diseases.

Himalaya GOKSHURA Tablet For improve Men’s Performance


Himalaya Wellness Gokshura improves sℯxual desire and drive, which subsequently improves sℯxual performance.The herb increases the level of natural endogenous testosterone by acting as a non-hormonal bio stimulator. Gokshura helps in managing erectile dysfunction by strengthening the penile tissue and enhancing penile erection.

Himalaya KAPIKACHHU Capsule


Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Kapikachhu Men’s Wellness Tablets is a natural solution that helps to support men’s health, increases mood and sexual performance.

IMC Knight Power Tablets 30tab


Knight Power Tablets (Reignite the Knight in you) it provides Sℯxual Predominance by Increasing Laibido and Sℯxual Strength. Return lost confidence and prevents premature ejaculation. Relieves feet ache, shins ache, backache, body ache, physical and mental weakness within few days.

IMC Tongkat Ali 10 Tablets


Boost Natural Testosterone Level and Fertility increase stamina and Men Power Naturally. It will improve your performance for Long time Stay on Bed. Maintains Healthy Libido profile. Enhances Athletic Performance on Bedroom and Builds Muscle Mass. Keep you active & Alert.