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AMULYA LIVER boost liver performance


Amulya Liver is best combination of natural herbs, which restores the functional efficiency of the Liver. It is very helpful in treatment of viral hepatitis, alcoholic liver diseases, early liver cirrhosis, fatty, enlarged & damaged liver, loss of appetite and jaundice. It acts as a purifying agent.



Amulya Liver DS is a best combination of natural herbs, which restores the functional efficiency of the liver. It is very helpful in treatment of viral hepatitis, alcoholic liver diseases, early liver cirrhosis, fatty and enlarged liver and jaundice. It acts as purifying agent and removes ill effects of alcohol on liver.



Baidyanath Lauha Bhasma is an ayurvedic and herbal medicine. Lauha Bhasma is manufactured by Baidyanath. It is available in powder form and it is to be taken orally. It is used in the treatment of anemia, liver disease, spleen disease, jaundice, edema (fluid accumulation in certain tissues), and general weakness.

Baidyanath LIVEROL Syrup


Baidyanath Liverol Syrup is a natural formulation for complete liver care. It enhances regeneration of liver cells. It can be used for Liver disorders and jaundice, loss of appetite, liver disorders due to excessive alcohol consumption, indigestion, constipation and dyspepsia(abdominal fullness, heartburn, nausea etc.)



Tamra Bhasma is copper-based ayurvedic medicine used for tumors, cancer, liver diseases, anemia, obesity, spleen and liver enlargement, hiccup, abdominal distention, acidity with indigestion and in some other diseases discussed under in therapeutic indication heading.



Baidyanath Trivang (Trivanga) Bhasma is ayurvedic calcined medicine used for impotency, nocturnal emission, diabetes, frequent urination, recurrent miscarriages, leucorrhea, and infertility. Its main effects appear on nerves, testes, uterus, ovaries and urinary bladder. So, it is used for diseases occurring in these organs.

Baidyanath YAKRIDARI LAUH For Liver and Spleen Disease


Yakridari Lauh is a classical Ayurvedic medicine indicated in the treatment of diseases of liver and spleen. strength.

Patanjali Divya MANDUR BHASMA 5gm


Mandur Bhasma is an Ayurvedic combination manufactured from herbal extracts to give you relief from hepatic disorders and anaemia. Contaminated food and drinks or unbalanced diet constantly harm and weaken your liver. Mandur Bhasma is a time-tested medication that heals the damages from contaminations and boosts your liver. Mandur Bhasma has no side effects and can therefore be taken with other medicines. Take Mandur Bhasma to rejuvenate your liver and regain good health.

  • Heals hepatic disorder, jaundice, anaemia

Patanjali Divya Sujalam 20.5 GM


Patanjali Divya Sujalam is used as an herbal substitute for tea and is loaded with the goodness of Vitamin C which helps to treat common ailments associated with the lack of it such as cough and recurring cold. It is a perfect blend of various natural herbs which boosts immunity levels and protects the body from bacterial diseases. It can be effectively used to improve digestive functions and detoxifies the liver which helps to prevent hepatic diseases and jaundice.

Patanjali Divya TOTALA KWATH 100gm


Beneficial in hepatitis, jaundice and liver related ailments. A mix of ancient formulae, with specific qualities. Tasty and effective kwath / decoction. Mix 5-10 grams of kwath in around 400 ml water and boil it, till residue is 100 ml. Filter it and take empty stomach in the morning, one hour before dinner or before going to sleep. If the taste of any kwath is acerbic, then, if you are not diabetic, mix honey or any other sweet item. If you are unable to take this decoction in more quantity, boil for a longer period and with less water content, filter it. Be alert that honey shall be mixed, when decoction is cool and not hot.



The drug relieves from all kinds of abdominal diseases – abdominal pain, dyspepsia, indigestion, liver diseases such as jaundice, anaemia, chronic fever, diarrhoea and constipation. The health of the whole body depends upon the digestive system. Secretion of digestive fluids in their required manner, as well as absorption of food essence, is an absolute necessity for the purpose of complete nourishment to the body. Divya Udaramrit Vati makes whole digestive system healthy.

No Of Tablets- 80 Tab (500mg)

Patanjali LAUH BHASM 5gm


Lauh Bhasm cures anemia, jaundice and other stomach problems. Unbalanced diet and unhealthy lifestyle lead to iron deficiency, hamper digestion and weaken the liver. The natural herbal ingredients in Lauh Bhasm work as iron supplements curing anemia, boost digestion by stimulating flow of digestive enzymes and rejuvenate the liver thus curing jaundice. Lauh Bhasm gives you a holistic healing from stomach and liver disorders. Experience natural healing and regain healthy life with Lauh Bhasm.


  • Cures iron deficiency, anemia
  • Cures jaundice

ZOIC LivX Zyme (Liver Tonic) 200ml


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