7 Best Home Remedies To Help Cure Cough Which Provides Instant Relief

7 Best Home Remedies To Help Cure Cough Which Provides Instant Relief

    1. Thyme: Thyme, besides being used in culinary field, it is a great herb that is also used in Ayurveda especially in the treatment of cough. A small study shows that thyme relieves cough more rapidly than any other cough syrup. It has various antioxidants that make the herb useful in curing sore throat, bronchitis and common cough. The essential oil that is extracted from thyme leaves, when mixed with ivy leaves helps to relieve cough and short- term bronchitis. It relaxes the muscles and the inflammation caused due to the cough.

Nutrients: Good source of vitamin C, A, copper, fiber, iron, etc.

Usage: Add two teaspoons of dried thyme herb to a cup of boiled water. Keep it at rest for 10 minutes. Strain and drink for relief. Works best before sleeping.

    1. Mulethi: Mulethi is one of those herbs which has been used since centuries and often heard the name from our grandmothers. It has immense ayurvedic supplements which can be used in home remedies. Since cough is a major symptom during the COVID-19 pandemic, mulethi has been recommended by Ayush Ministry to include it in the diet. It is known to relieve respiratory symptoms such as chest congestions and dry cough and can help you boost the immunity.

Nutrients: Excellent source of Vitamin A, C, calcium, iron, etc.

Usage: In a glass of lukewarm water, mix a spoon full of mulethi powder and a spoon of honey. Drink the water for relief.

    1. Marshmallow Root: There is a high content of mucilage which helps ease irritation during cough. It helps relieve cough, bronchitis, irritated throat and respiratory tract diseases. It acts as an enzyme that loosens the mucus and the inhibit bacteria. It helps in releasing the pain and the swelling present in the mucus membrane.

Usage: it is available as a dried herb. Add the powder to the hot water. Drink it immediately or let it cool. If the herb is allowed to rest in water, the more amount of mucilage will be present in the water and is more beneficial.

    1. Mint Leaves: These leaves are known for their healing properties and menthol present in the leaves soothes the throat. The menthol content in the mint leaves help to give a numb effect to the endings of the nerves. During night, the mint leaves shows effect on the endings of the nerves thus reducing the urge to cough.

Nutrients: It is a good source of vitamin A, C, D, B-6, iron, etc.

Usage: Add 3-5 leaves of peppermint in your tea and boil it for a few minutes before drinking.

    1. Ginger: Research shows that ginger is an excellent root for the treatment of both wet and dry coughs. It is also used to cure chest congestion and nausea. The gingerols, paradols, and shogaols are powerful antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agents that help fight viral infections like common cold and can help relieve in the discomforting symptoms.

Nutrients: it has a good nutritional value of vitamin A, B, C, E, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc.

Usage: Add a freshly grated ginger into hot water along with lemon. Allow the water to steep for few minutes so that the juice of ginger mixes well with water. You can also add honey to it. Sieve and drink the water twice a day for best results.

    1. Steam: A running cough is the most irritating type of cough and produces a lot of phlegm and mucus. You may feel congested, have chest pain and have a feeling of breathlessness. In this steam therapy, when you inhale the warm, moist air, it helps to loosen the mucus present in the nasal passages, throat and lungs. The inhalation of the water vapors relieve the swollen blood vessels in the nasal passages.

Usage: To subside the symptoms, take a steam bath. Alternatively, you can also take a bowl filled with hot water. You can add essential oils or herbs (optional) to the water. Cover your head with a towel and lean your head over the bowl. Inhale the vapors for 5 minutes.

    1. Salt-water gargle: A sore throat and wet cough can be treated well with this simple home remedy. It is an effective remedy which helps in reducing inflammation and itching in the throat caused due to cough. It may not cure the cough but sure it will get you a relief from the sore dry throat. Gargling helps loose thick mucus which is it eases out the irritation and removes the allergens, bacteria and fungi from the throat. And that is why salt water gargles makes it to the list for soothing the sore throat and killing of the germs and bacteria.

Usage: Boil 2 glasses of water and add a tablespoon of common salt to it. Mix it and let it dissolve. Let the saline water come to a normal temperature so that when you gargle it does not burn your throat and taste buds. It should not be cold nor too hot. Just warm enough to soothe out your sore throat. Gargle twice a day for best results.

Sometimes we need to take immediate remedies,for that you can take ayurvedic cough syrup

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