10 advantages of tulsi (basil) leaves as per ayurveda

10 advantages of tulsi (basil) leaves as per ayurveda

‘Tulsi’ the queen of herbs and holy elixir of life!

Tulsi is known as the ‘Queen of all Herbs’, ‘The Incomparable One’, and ‘Mother Medicine of Nature’. It is one of the oldest herbs known to mankind.

It is used far and wide in India as a religious plant and in ayurveda as the plant with exemplary medicinal properties. It helps in the healing of the human body in a natural manner. In the Hindu religion, it is a religious symbol and is worshipped in the mornings and in the evenings by the Hindus throughout India. If taking its medicinal usage into consideration, then it is used to treat common ailments since the Ayurvedic form of medical care is being practiced and is still used today.

The scientific name of Tulsi is Ocimum Sanctum and belongs to the mint family and is to be found in 150 different varieties all over the world. It is a wonderful herb which acts as a stimulant, antipyretic and aromatic in nature.

It is not only the leaves of the Tulsi plant that are of medicinal use but also its flowers too. This herbs helps people get rid of various medicinal problems like that of mild fever to that of kidney stones.

The modern day problems:
There is so much work and stress in this digitally fast growing modern world. It is troubled with stress. The devices and the web friendly world have given rise to so many problems which were not even known to mankind. But if there have been advancements in the modern technologies, there also have been advancements in the medical system.

Although the medical system today does cure the problem from the surface, it does not reach to the roots of the problems. Besides it leaves a side effect of the problem.

Today people are returning back to basics from where their ancestors left. They are coming back to the ancient ways of curing the disease that are the natural ways or ayurvedic form of medications.

Ayurveda has a holistic approach towards life and its diseases that focus on preserving good health and promotes the healthy living while preventing diseases through making people live a lifestyle through various natural practices.

There are three different types of Tulsi found

According to the ayurvedic studies, there are three different types of tulsi leaves found. They are Rama Tulsi (they have green colored leaves), Shyama Tulsi (they have purple colored leaves) and Vana Tulsi (they are the wild leaves). All the three types of tulsi leaves have their own uses in ayurveda but it is the Rama Tulsi that is most widely used of all.

The fragrance of these leaves is aromatic and the taste is excellent especially of the dried leaves when brewed in tea.

Tulsi herb in general is known as the wonder herb and there is a reason for the same. It may show slow results but there is a surety of no side effects in the body. It can help you get rid of many health related issues. 

Tulsi has many medicinal properties that prove to be advantageous. Few of them are listed below.

  • Benefits of Tulsi For skin:

    Skin plays an important role in every person’s life. Who does not want a flawless, blemish and acne free skin! These Tulsi leaves or Basil leaves have antiseptic and rejuvenating properties and are a natural remedy which is very useful for multiple skin problems.

     Here are some ayurvedic benefits of tulsi for the skin-


    For everyone who wishes to have a flawless complexion, here is one remedy for you. These Tulsi leaves will help you attain the blemish free complexion which you all are looking for. Here is the secret basil beauty remedy for you.

    Boil some water with some dried basil leaves and refrigerate the water transferring it into an ice tray.

    Take one ice cube when frozen completely and wrap it in a cloth and massage on your skin and then rinse it off.

    This will make your skin glow naturally and will refresh your skin.

    For a face wash; crush a couple of Tulsi leaves and make a paste out of them. Add water and use it as a daily face wash for your skin.

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    Do you know what causes the skin to age early?

    Over exposure to the sun. Yes, you heard that right. The skin tends to lose its elasticity when the natural oils get washed out. It is then when the fine lines and wrinkles start to appear.

    But not to worry. The Tulsi herb neutralizes the free radicals and rejuvenates the skin hence reviving your youthful glow.

    Crush a couple of Tulsi leaves and make a paste. Add a teaspoon of curd to the paste and apply on your face for about 20 minutes. Gently rinse off and notice the difference. 

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    Blackheads are generally caused due to the accumulation of dirt on the face especially people with oily skin experience it more often. The leaves of tulsi are a rescue here.

    They are rich in antibacterial properties and help in preventing blackheads. There is a remedy to help you deal with the blackheads naturally.

    Take a basil leaf and wet the top side of it and keep it on the concerned areas. Remove the leaf after 5 minutes and wash it off. This process will help blackheads curb from further accumulating.

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  • Benefits of Tulsi for hair:

    The Tulsi or the Basil herb can prove to be beneficial for your hair for a multiple reasons. It makes your hair look better in all ways. Here are some issues which we regular face and can use the following remedies to get rid of them.


    Majorly observed, dandruff is the major cause of hair fall. It causes the skin on the scalp to flake. No worries. The tulsi herb has your back. It will help maintain the moisture on your scalp and improves blood circulation. It will also help strengthen the hair follicles and make the root healthy.

    Add tulsi oil to the regular massage oil you use for your “champi” and massage it onto your scalp before hair wash. It will not only reduce dandruff and itchiness that happens on the scalp but will also leave your hair smooth and shiny. 

    Premature graying of hair:
    Some people spot grey hair in late 20s or in early 30s which can be a daunting or a disturbing sight for any person.

    It occurs generally because the cells at the hair root stop producing the pigment which actually provides our hair the color and hence the hair starts graying prematurely. It can also be due to lack of vitamin B12.

    For this problem, mix amla and tulsi powder together and soak it for a night. The next morning, wash your hair with the above mixture and repeat this method once a week for its effective results.

  • Benefits of Tulsi for weight loss: 

    Unhealthy habits and eating unhealthy food today has led to weight gains and obesity among people. It has become a concerning topic. There are various medications available for the same. But there are many natural ways to lose the weight.

    Ayurveda has the solution to burn the fat in a quick way without any side effects.

    Try including tulsi tea to your routine. For noticing difference have two cups a day along with workout. For effective, noticeable and for a faster process, exercise along with having tulsi tea.

    There are a few ways in which tulsi can help lose weight.

    1. The tulsi tea helps boost the digestive system which helps losing weight very fast.
    2. The basil or tulsi tea controls the metabolism and helps the body to absorb the essential nutrients.
    3. Tulsi tea helps to boost your stamina because it has zero calories.
  • Benefits of Tulsi for eyes:
    These days especially, the eyes are prone to more gadgets, dust and pollution. Eyes of young children are getting affected day by day. They are more prone to the harmful radiations that the screens emit. They are likely to develop eye related problems.

    For help saving the eyes and keeping them healthy, Tulsi acts as an immediate cure. It soothes the eyes.

    For this, boil tulsi leaves in water and leave them soaked for overnight.

    Wash your eyes with this water which helps reduce strain on your eyes.

    On an important note, it reduces the strain caused on your eyes due to various reasons and makes it feel more relaxed. It also helps prevent many other eye related problems like conjunctivitis and boils.

  • Benefits of Tulsi to quit smoking:
    ‘Smoking is injurious to health’ such a commonly heard phrase in the world around today. It has become so vital today to take care of ourselves.

    The leaves of tulsi help fight cancer and are the best aid to stop smoking.

    Whenever you feel the urge to smoke, munch on tulsi leaves as it helps to get the nicotine content off the body. The juice of the leaves will help cool the throat.

    It helps in the purification of the blood. The anti oxidants present in the tulsi leaves will help in undoing the damage caused to the body before.

    Also make a point of drinking tulsi tea. 

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    Now that you know the benefits of the amazing Tulsi herb, you must try these home remedies for they are going to be the best decision you take for your health care. Happy and healthy living!

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