Isotine eye drops: A boon to nullify the effect of mobile phones and other media devices

Isotine eye drops: A boon to nullify the effect of mobile phones and other media devices

Isotine eye drops can be considered as a blessing to get the world rid of not only general eye problems but, also some severe vision illnesses which were initially found to be non- curable. Some of these are induced by media devices which are either hand-held or placed close to eyes.

People have become addicted to mobiles and if they miss them, they panic in order to find it as soon as possible. Children are also becoming addicted to the mobiles. These mobile devices are a good source of valuable information and people can watch news, TV shows, movies, etc. Besides many benefits, these electronic devices are also very harmful and cause serious health issues, specially on eyes, in adults as well as in children.

Scientists have done many experiments regarding the effect of radiation on the eyes of children and adults. They have declared the results, which show that “two minutes of watching mobile can change the electoral activity of brain of children for an hour or more resulting in eye problems too.”

The radiation can penetrate the brain and eyes deeply. This will hamper learning activities in children and can also cause behavioral problem. The children can also become moody and cannot concentrate in their studies in the classroom and at home.

Children also love to play games, which have many stages to complete. They also love to play racing and other types of games and get addicted to them. Besides gaming, they also love to chat with their near and dear ones. Students also take mobiles to their schools and colleges and make themselves busy in their free time. On the whole, they are living life with longer screen hoursunknowingly affecting vision adversely. Here, a solution has to be found to overcome these problems.

Here we will talk about the diseases that occur in children through mobile and after that we will discuss about Isotine can be used to cure them or prevent them.

How mobile phones affect eyes

The mobiles work with radio frequency and the radiations emitted causes serious damage to eyes.

People don’t maintain a good distance between their eyes and mobile phones. This results into eyes absorbing the electromagnetic radiations emitted from the mobile phones. Thereby, producing a damaging effect on certain parts of eyes like cornea, retina and other ocular systems of eyes.

“New study carried out by scientists at Charotar University of Science and Technology (CHARUSAT) has revealed that cell phones also affect eyes. “The wavelength of wireless signals (which is about 2 to 2.5 cm) used for cell phones and other wireless terminals matches with that received by the human eye. The dielectric constant (absorption capacity) of eye tissues is around 70 which is greater than unity (above 50). This means that the eye can absorb electromagnetic energy very quickly,” explains Dwivedi.”

The problem is not only the absorption of these harmful radiations, but, the radiations absorbed are not transmitted out of the human body. This leads to an abnormal increase in the body temperature causing damage to the eyes and in fact genes too. Which, in turn, results into genetic disorders.

Researchers at the University of Toledo have discovered how blue light emitted certain hand held media devices lead to macular degeneration, one of the major causes of vision loss.

  • Harmful effects of mobiles
  • Vision problem

Watching mobile continuously for a long time can lead to vision problem. Children begin to wear spectacles at a very young age. Some of these vision problems include

Hypermetropia: It is a disease in which people are unable to see far away things clearly but nearby things are visible.

Myopia: It is a disease in which the patient is unable to see nearby things clearly.

Color blindness: When a person is unable to distinguish between some colors, it is called color blindness. Some people have it by birth while others may get it in their old age. Mostly men suffer with this disease.

Cataract: Cloudy areas develop around the lens which results in cataract. This disease affects vision when the size of the cloud increases.

Cancer:  Mobile phones emit deep penetrating harmful radiations which gradually leads to changes in cell mutations. This triggers the development of cancerous cells.

Macular degeneration– The harmful radiations are found to induce macular degeneration, a major concern in present day digital era.

Others– Itching, pain, puffy eyes, blurred vision, etc are also induced by mobile phones.

Sleep disturbance leading to vision problems

People face sleep disorders due to usage of mobile phones. The continuous mobile usage leads to following problems.

  • Sleep is not sound and continuous.
  • They always check their phone for messages from social media.
  • People are not free from stress even if they sleep.
  • Improper sleep also puts strain on eyes resulting in their weakness.

How can Isotine eye drop help

People can get rid from all these problems if they use this award-winning product i.e. Isotine eye drop.It’s products are made from natural ingredients and can solve eye problems and can even restore vision. These eye drops are a combination of many types of ingredients which are mixed in a certain ratio to keep the eye healthy. These medicines clear the vision and protect eyes from severe problems before these occur.

Benefits of Isotine eye drops medicine

  • Eyes are cleared from dust and any other foreign particles.
  • The vision is improved and it may also help to remove the spectacles.
  • Problems like irritation, itching, redness, etc are removed.
  • Age related macular degeneration can also be cured.

Ingredients of Isotine eye drops

Formulated out of nature’s best ayurvedic ingredients and bhasmas, this magical product works amazingly to protect our eyes. These ingredients are listed here with details.


This is an Ayurvedic herb, which is best for curing a number of eye infections. This extract is also used for improving eyesight.


This extract reduces inflammation and pain in the eyes. Along with it, the extract also refreshes the eyes and relaxes them. This is also suitable in removing eye related disorders.


Eyes get various types of benefits through bibitaki. This extract can be used to cure infection, and other types of problems. It also keeps eye muscles healthy and eyes also get relief from pain.


This extract consists of antioxidants and Vitamin C and is used to make eye muscles strong. It can also be used to cure various kinds of problems like inflammation, redness, etc.

Other ingredients

Chandan, apamarg, yashadbhasma, taken bhasma, alum, benzalkonium chloride, menthapipreta, tuthbhasma, etc. are some other ingredients which together have healing effect on eyes.

How Isotine works

Isotine is an ayurvedic eye drop, which releases the tension put to optic muscles and other ocular parts aiding people get rid of or reduce, or prevent eyes problems that occur due to mobile usage.

There are many other natural extracts which are used in Isotine to cure various diseases of eyes. Since these are natural, there is no side effect and people can use them without any worries. Surprisingly, Isotine can be put to use for children aged 6 months. So it’s a boon for parents whose kids are more involved in mobiles and spend more time in front on screens. It can happen that some extracts sot the people while others do not. It is beneficial to contact an Ayurvedic doctor and consult with him/her before using the medicine. Shubh Jeevan Ayurveda is the largest online ayurvedic store in india and you can buy isotine eye drops online at discounted rates to get utmost eye solutions and ayuvedic eye treatments. So, if you wish a specs-free life, free of other vision problems, then Isotine is a bounty for you.


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