7 Cool drinks you can try to keep the heat away this summer

7 Cool drinks you can try to keep the heat away this summer

“Scorching summer days! Collecting cosmic rays! Blessed late night light! Feel magic under the sun! Before the seasons run!”

Oh! Welcome dear Summers!

And it brings along tiredness and a long to feel refreshed all day long. Temperature just keeps on soaring high and it becomes so important to keep hydrated in the sweating heat of the summers.

During this time especially, we tend to lose the hydration our body requires. This being said, water is the most important drink one should be consuming all while long this season.

While here we also have a list of refreshing and cool drinks one can add to have a change on the taste buds, refresh and replenish their bodies with the coolness it needs.

Here are some summer drinks in order to beat this scorching heat and we guarantee you don’t want to miss that out on.  

  1. Aam Panna-

It is an absolute refreshing and lip-smacking drink that is most popular in Maharashtra. As the name suggests, it is made out of the fruit that is the king of the fruits; Mango.

It is the mango pulp, cumin, jeera and the mint leaves that go in to make this refreshing summer drink.

It is sure to keep your body energized and hydrated through the sunny days.

Do have a hand on this drink and feel the refreshment it provides to your body.

  • Jaljeera-

This is another most popular drink of all summer time. Made with cumin, ginger, black pepper, mint, black salt and pepper powder mixed with water makes for chilled refreshing summer drink.

Put down a glass of this chilled drink and you will not be able to stop with just one glass.

It is also a good drink for people who a dealing with digestion problems.

  • Sattu Sherbat-

This is another refreshing drink that you will find many peddlers selling around during this time. It is the specialty of Bihar.

This drink keeps the body cool even during the sunniest and the brightest of the days.

It made of the Sattu flour, sugar and water. It is a refreshing as well as a filling drink.

Do try out this desi refreshing chilled summer drink and thank us later!

  • Buttermilk or Masala Chaas-

One of the favorites of the Indian crowd, Masala Chaas is a curd based drink which is a brilliantly digestive in nature.

The core ingredients it involves, like yoghurt, water, green chillies, ginger, coriander, cumin powder, black salt, salt, pudina, are both refreshing and chilling.

Have this drink on a hot afternoon and you will feel a difference in the body and this is sure to keep you at cool during the day.

  • Watermelon juice-

Summer, watermelons and mangoes go hand in hand.

Watermelon is such a juicy and chilled fruit and has no many good nutrients

Have a drink made out of this fruit, and you will feel the cool air around yourself.

It is super refreshing and has hydrating properties which will keep your body fresh and hydrated for a good long time. 

  • Lemonade or Nimbu Paani-

Oh! How can we even not mention this all time favorite summer drink! Summers are incomplete without having our very own and dear Nimbu Paani.

This is a quick to make drink and full time refreshment.

Prepared with water, lemons, sugar, salt water and pudina, this drink is amazingly delicious. 

  • Sugarcane Juice or ‘Ganne ka Ras’-

Popularly seen on the roadside at every nook and corner of the city during the summer time, it is one of the most loved drinks.

Sugarcane is the natural sugar and is also eaten raw by many people across the country; the juice of this plant is oh so refreshing.

Have a glass of sugarcane juice mixed with mint leaves and lemon and feel refreshed in the heat of the long day.

Beat the heat with these drinks and give a punch to the sweating heat. Keep hydrated, cool and protected from the pricking rays of the sun.

Have a fulfilling diet along with water and quench your thirst with these refreshing drinks.

Happy summer days to you!

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