5 refreshing foods to beat the heat 2021 summer

5 refreshing foods to beat the heat 2021 summer

We are facing the wrath of the climate. Who would have ever imagined having summer days like these in March in itself?

Isn’t it too soon to switch the ACs on?

Of course it is and is also like a warning to keep good care of our health because this summer can have worse effects on our health.

Do not fall prey of dehydration.

As the temperature is soaring high, we must take care of our health and make sure to intake certain foods that will keep our bodies cool.

Here is a list of body cooling food for the long summer days.

  1. Curd-

Curd is a well known probiotic food, full of vitamin-B complex, B-2 and B-12. It relaxes your stomach because of the cooling effect it has and also stabilizes your blood pressure.

Have a bowl full of curd, or raita along with your regular vegetable.

It is incredible source for immunity, digestion, heart and skin.

  • Cucumber-

Is there even a salad platter complete without cucumbers?

This vegetable is made from more than 90% water. And it is water that is required to regulate our body temperature and transport the essential nutrients.

This is one of the best hydrating vegetables and a treasure house of antioxidants, soluble fiber and has zero fat.

So consider and eat this vegetable as a separate food and keep yourself hydrated.

  • Watery Fruits-

Fruits are refreshing and summers are full of refreshing and cool fruits.

Fruits like the berries, melons, watermelons, mangoes, peaches, grapes are all the summery fruits packed with water, nutrients, fiber, vitamins and anti-oxidants.

These fruits full of juice will help beat the sunstrokes and the hot weather.

Have a bowl full of these fruits and enjoy the summers!

  • Mint-

Mint is a burst of freshness. As soon as we hear the name of mint, we are elevated by the amount of coolness it provides to your body.

It has the aroma that drives away the fatigue and tiredness. Many a times, the aroma therapists use this herb to soothe the mind and body.

It can enhance the flavor of any dish or drink and will just amp up your taste buds. 

  • Leafy Vegetables-

So many a times are we reminded constantly to consume green vegetables. Relatable enough right?

They are best to add essential vitamins and minerals to your body and develop a strong immune system.

Spinach for that matter is the leafy vegetable that has 92% water content and keeps you hydrated.

These vegetables are rich in iron and look after the functioning of the red blood cells and helps in restoring energy as the level of heat shoots up day by day.

Do not forget to keep your body hydrated and full.

Have lots of refreshing drink and munch on fruits and vegetables. Stay away from fried foods and keep the body temperature in place.

Be safe from the sun burns and the scorching heat of the sun. stay hydrated have ayurveda herbs and enjoy the summers!

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