SHPL Ashwagandha Tablets (Power Capsule) 60-CAPs

SHPL Ashwagandha Tablets (Power Capsule) 60-CAPs

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SHPL Ashwagandha is an important herb in Ayurvedic medicine. This is one of the world’s oldest medical systems and one of India’s healthcare systems. In Ayurvedic medicine, ashwagandha is considered a Rasayana. This means that it helps maintain youth, both mentally and physically. Ashwagandha contains a range of nutrients that may be ideal for supporting individual health goals. It contains flavonoids, antioxidants, and essential vitamins and minerals that support hundreds of biological functions in the body.

Ingredients:- Ashwagandha Extract.

BENEFITS: • It helps to reduce stress and anxiety. • It is very helpful in reducing the symptoms of depression. • It can increase testosterone and fertility in men. • It is very helpful in reducing pain and inflammation. • It may lower cholesterol and triglyceride level. • It may improve brain function and can increase memory power. • It can boost our immunity power to protect us from viral or bacterial attacks. • It seems to limit the activities of cancerous cells and thus protects us from cancer. • It can relieve the symptoms of Arthritis and Diabetes. • It is very helpful in insomnia. • It is very beneficial for neuro-degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. • It is very beneficial for your hair & skin. • It increases our stamina and maintains our daily energy. Dosage: Take 1 tablet twice daily, 15-30 minutes after meal or as directed by experts.




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