Jeevan Shree Kabj Mukti Churn

Jeevan Shree Kabj Mukti Churn

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Jeevan Shree Kabj Mukti Churn Is an 100% Ayurvedic Medicine for Instant relief From gastric problems, constipation, ulcers, tasteless mouth, indigestion, stomach bloating, acidity, vomiting and un-ease. Very tasty and effective pickling.


Jeevan Shree

जीवन श्री का कब्ज मुक्ति आयुर्वेदिक चूर्ण

Constipation Ayurvedic Medicine Removes All Kinds Of Filth In The Stomach, Which Makes The Stomach Clear. Without Any Diseases In The Stomach, Hunger Increases And Food Also Becomes Digested, Resulting In New Healthy Blood In The Body And Improvement In Health It Is Certain That All Diseases In The Body Arise From Bad Eating Habits And Its Main Centre Is Stomach. This 100% herbal Medicine Effect On Constipation By Using Constipation Ayurvedic powder Gastric And Acidic Problems Automatically Finished. While A Smooth And Soft Stool Comes Out The Human Body Feels Fresh

  • Relief from gastric problems
  • Cure constipation and acidity
  • Effective flatulence for indigestion
  • Treatment of abdominal bloating
  • Relieves vomiting, ulcers, tasteless mouth and non-spontaneity

When The Stomach Remains Clean And The Food Is Digested Properly, Then It Will Automatically Get Rid Of Many Diseases. Even If There Is Dryness In The Stomach, Its Use Begins To Feel Relieved Within A Few Days And Motion Is Cured.



Jeevan Shree

Jeevan Shree


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