AMULYA PILEZ OINTMENT 30gm Ayurvedic Cream

AMULYA PILEZ OINTMENT 30gm Ayurvedic Cream


Dose/ Directions for Use : To be applied twice a day after cleaning the area thoroughly.

Hollistic Wellness

Buy This Amulya Piles Onitment is pure herbal preparation  & Ingredient, that reduces pain and swelling Or Blooding, near anal region due to Piles/ Hemorrohids During Toilet.

Itching and redness around anal sphincter. Because of its astringent action, it controls bleeding and helps in wound healing, It acts as a good antifungal and antibacterial agent and the ointment having antiseptic and insecticidal properties. It reduces pain in anal fissures.

Ingredients : Arand, karanj, Nagkesar, Til Oil, witch Hazek Oil, Walnut Oil, Neem Oil


Amulya Herbs

Hollistic Wellness


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