IMC Wheat Gold 30tab

IMC Wheat Gold 30tab


Wheat Gold Tablet Enriched with Wheatgrass, Giloye, Tulsi, Aloe vera Amla Nectar for healthy and Boon for unhealthy It is useful for more than 220 diseases like Purifies blood, increases blood platelets haemo-globin.Good against all kinds of blood diseases such as anemia and thalassemia improves blood sugar disorders.Improves digestive system (Acidity, Constipation etc).


We live in a world, which can get overwhelming and unforgivingly competitive; which can have a significant influence on physical and mental health. Your blood is responsible for transporting all the essential components of the body, such as oxygen, hormones, clotting factors, sugars, fats and the cells of your immune system. Unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits may result in slowing down the process of blood-purification or wastage removal, conducted by our vital organs like liver and kidney. Improper functioning and weakening of these organs usually result in the accumulation of toxins in your blood. Wheat Gold is a complete Ayurvedic health supplement formulated to support every aspect of wellness by accelerating the process of breaking down wastes and purifying your blood. Enriched with the goodness of Wheatgrass, Aloe Vera And Amla, it helps you detox naturally, fight anaemia and gives you more energy throughout the day. It is enriched with vitamin A, B 12, C, E, Protein, Amino Acid, Enzymes, and Minerals (Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Zinc, and selenium). Wheat Gold is more energetic compared to milk, egg, ghee, almond, and nutritious food. It is the Panacea medicine to remove the weakness of old age. Wheat Grass present in Wheat Gold Tablet is particularly high in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is known as “Green Blood” as it is the first product, which contains more healthy properties than any other element. Chlorophyll also carries a high level of oxygen, which is especially powerful in assisting the body to restore abnormalities. Wheat Gold fulfils the requirement of iron, calcium deficiency during pregnancy. Wheat Gold is a rich source of high vibrant energy and intake of Wheat Gold Tablets can potentially unleash powerful renewing vibration and greater connectivity to one’s its being.

Ingredient : 

    Helps in detoxifying and eliminating toxins.
    Regulates cholesterol levels and metabolic health. Helps in building Immunity and Strength in the body.
  • AMLA
    Prevents diseases and cell damage.
    Strengthens stomach and helps in respiratory diseases.

Benefits :

  • Boosts immunity and prevents viral and bacterial ailments.
  • Helps protect against the harmful effects of free radicals.
  • Helps overcome physical and mental stress.
  • Improves energy level and helps fight fatigue.

Directions of use:

  • As directed by the Physician.
  • Use under medical supervision.





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