Himalaya Stretch Mark Cream For Moms Helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks, sagging skin, and itching due to dryness. Himalaya FOR MOMS Stretch Mark Cream is an advanced herb-oil-butter formula with ingredients safe to be used during and post pregnancy.

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About Himalaya stretch mark cream: Himalaya for moms stretch mark cream is an advanced herb – oil -butter formula with ingredients safe to be used during and after pregnancy. It helps improve skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and sagging skin and soothes itching due to dryness. A powerful blend of the herbs centella, pomegranate, liquorice and rice bran extracts infused in the oils of sweet almond and wheat germ and the butters of mango, shea and kokum deeply nourish and heal dry skin.

Ingredient :

  • Butter-Oil Infusion
    The ultra-moisturizing oils of Sweet Almond, Olive, and Wheat Germ blended in the three emollient butters, Kokum, Mango, and Shea, deeply nourish the skin and help relieve dryness and itching associated with stretch marks.
  • Herb Blend
    The powerful herbs Centella, Pomegranate, and Licorice are known to improve skin tone and firm up sagging skin.
  • Herb-Oil-Butter Complex
    The extracts of Centella, Pomegranate, Licorice, and Rice Bran blended in the oils of Almond, Olive, and Wheat Germ, and the butters of Kokum, Mango, and Shea help improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

key Benefits :

  • Helps Improve Skin Elasticity
  • Helps Reduce Skin Tears And Lesions
  • Intensely Moisturizes
  • Helps Promote Skin Lightening
  • Enhances Healing

Directions: Take Sufficient Quantity Of Stretch Mark Cream. Rub Gently Into The Stretch Marks Area, Twice Daily From The Fourth Month Of Pregnancy Onwards Until Several Weeks Post-Delivery


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