Baidyanath Punarnavadi Tel for Pain & Swelling

Baidyanath Punarnavadi Tel for Pain & Swelling

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Baidyanath Punarnavadi Tel is herbal medicine which is beneficial and provides profits such as Heals boils, makdi & poisoner insect boils and its related complications such as itching inflammation, ache, burning sensation, boils etc.

Baidyanath Asli Ayurved

Baidyanath Punarnavadi Tel is used for the treatment of Joints and Muscles Pain and Swelling. It is used as a diuretic (agents increases urination), depurative (agents use to removes impurities) and anti-inflammatory (agent reduces swelling) agent. Baidyanath Punarnavadi Guggulu is also indicated for diseases such as anemia (deficiency of iron), obesity, and excessive salivation (excess of saliva). It is also helpful in maintaining vata and kapha dosha.

Ingredients : Purnarnava, Sontha, Mirch, Pipal, Trifala, Kakrasingi, Dhania, Kaiphal Kachur, Daruhaldi, Priyangu, Padamkastha, Ajowan, Manjishtha, Renuka, kust, Rasna, Kala Jeerak, Badi-Ela, Lodhra, Chavya, Tejpatra, Nagkeshar, Vacha, Pipalmul, Dalchini, Chitrakmool,Sunta, Netranala, Til Oil etc.

Therapatic uses : The massage of this oil is indicated in jaundice, anaemia, raktapitta, fistula, diseases of spleen, chronic fever.



Baidyanath Asli Ayurved


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