Baidyanath Nawayas Lauh for Anemia & Phthisis

Baidyanath Nawayas Lauh for Anemia & Phthisis


NAWAYAS LAUH by BAIDYANATH AYURVEDA BHAWAN is a herbomineral ayurvedic medicine is a combination of 9 herbal ingredients which are processed with calcinated Ferrous/Iron Haematinic, alterative & tonic. It is mainly used in anaemia, phthisis, spleen disorders & general debility, skin and liver conditions.

Baidyanath Asli Ayurved

Baidyanath Navayas Loha is an ayurvedic and herbal medicine. It is available in tablet form and to be taken orally. Navayas Loha is manufactured by the Baidyanath.

Baidyanath Navayas Loha is widely used in the treatment of anemia (deficiency of iron). Baidyanath Navayas Loha contains haematinic (agents stimulate the production of red blood cells) property thus helpful for the patients suffering from the deficiency of iron. It is also indicated for the management of diseases such as jaundice, heart disease, and piles. Due to the anti-hepatotoxic property this medicine also has the tendency to protect the liver from the toxic substances.

The major key ingredients present in this medication are Leadwort, Nut Grass, Embelia ribes, Trikatu, Triphala, Lauh bhasma. Here are the health benefits of each of these:

Dosage : Dosage should be taken as 1-2 tablets twice a day with honey or as directed by the physician.



Baidyanath Asli Ayurved


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