Baidyanath KASIS BHASM

Baidyanath KASIS BHASM


Baidyanath Kasis Bhasma: Kasis Bhasma is an Ayurvedic medicine,p repared from Green Vitriol-Ferrous Sulphate. It is used in Ayurvedic treatment of Anemia, Fever, Spleen diseases etc.This medicine should only be taken strictly under medical supervision.

Baidyanath Asli Ayurved

Baidyanath Kashis Bhasma is an ayurvedic and herbal medicine. It is available in the form of powder (bhasma) and to be taken orally. Kashis Bhasma is manufactured by the Baidyanath.

Baidyanath Kashis Bhasma is used in the treatment of anemia (deficiency of iron). Baidyanath Kashis Bhasma is used as hematogenic (agents used in the formation of red blood cells), digestive stimulant, and anti-spasmodic agents. It is prepared by the process of calcination (heating under high temperature) and triturate with aloe vera gel. Baidyanath Kashis Bhasma contains Iron in good amount thus helpful in treating anemia. This medicine helps in balancing vata and kapha dosha. Baidyanath Kashis Bhasma is also indicated for the treatment of indigestion, fatty liver, helminthiasis (infestations with parasitic worms), and amenorrhea (absent menstruation).

Uses: It is used in the treatment of eye diseases, pruritis, leucoderma, dysurea, Helminthiasis, fever, splenomegaly, primary and secondary amenorrhea. It improves strength and immunity.

Ingredients :

How to Use :

You should take 125 mg to 375 mg two times a day with honey or water or as directed by the physician.



Baidyanath Asli Ayurved


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