IMC Herbal Face Pack 200gm

IMC Herbal Face Pack 200gm


IMC Herbal Face Pack Prevents pimples, patches, fine lines, and red spots. Renews the growth of the skin cells. Rejuvenates the skin. Removes dead and dull skin. Protects the skin from infections. Regular use improves skin texture and complexion. Restores the lost shine and glow of skin. Makes the skin fair, soft and smooth.



Glow and Steal the show. Its hydrating, softening and intense moisturizing properties make your skin radiate from inside and make you the show stopper wherever you go. Specially formulated for you, this face pack rejuvenates the skin and gives you an instant glow. Enriched with Aloe Vera, Rose and Chandan, Herbal Face Pack is extremely helpful in rejuvenating your skin by removing unwanted dull and dry skin cells. The regular use of the product can enhance fairness and smoothness of the skin, thereby keeping you beautiful all the time.

Herbal Face Pack Benefits :

  • Gives Instant Glow.
  • Helps in removing dead and dull skin.
  • Fades blemishes and heals sunburns.
  • Enhances Fairness and Smoothness.

Ingredient :

    It is a great moisturizer, which nourishes the body and helps to prevent skin ailments. It is also very useful in reducing the signs of ageing and treating sunburn.
  • ROSE
    Aids in fading away blemishes and other scars.
    Reduces signs of aging like dry skin and wrinkles.
  • NEEM
    Helps in reducing the chances of skin ailments and controlling excess oil production.

How to Use :

  • Apply Face Pack on face and Neck.
  • Let it dry.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Helps in reducing the chances of skin ailments and controlling excess oil production





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