ZOIC IMC Balm Headache & Cold 30gm

ZOIC IMC Balm Headache & Cold 30gm

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Indication It helps to reduce body stiffness, & cold. It gives instant relief from congestion, neck pain and blocked nose during or cold.


IMC’s Balm is the infallible healing partner for all the stiffness and pains that your body goes through. Enriched with various natural ingredients, it is a 100% Ayurvedic product with optimal healing powers. Along with providing an instant assuage from pain, this amazing product can also help you to breathe a sigh of relief by taking care of clogged nose and congestion during or cold. Fortified with various natural ingredients, this product is your ultimate healing partner. Get your pack of Balm today and take a leap towards a healthy pain-free life.

Benefits :

  • Helps relieve pain and stiffness from the body
  • Helps relieve clogged nose and congestion during and cold
  • Helps relieve muscular pain, joint pain and
  • Improves physical functioning





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