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Baidyanath PATHRINA Tablet

108.00 120.00

Baidyanath Pathrina Tablet is an ayurvedic medicine which is majorly useful in relieving all problems associated with kidney stone. Its unique formulation neutralises acid and increases urine passing removing impurities from kidneys. It acts as a lithic and an alkaliser. It also helps in reducing retention of water in the body.



59.50 70.00

Himalaya PartySmart relieves the after-effects of alcohol. When alcohol is consumed, it is mainly converted into acetaldehyde (an intermediate metabolite of alcohol metabolism) by the liver. Higher concentrations of acetaldehyde cause unpleasant after-effects such as fatigue, headache, nausea, vomiting, body ache, burning sensation in the stomach, and drowsiness.


Himalaya SUNTHI Tablet

114.75 135.00

Ginger stimulates digestive juices, serves as carminative and digestive support. It also improves absorption of nutrients.Sunthi has a unique flavor and helps manage gastric discomfort.This herb helps overcome sluggish digestion and promotes gastric emptying.Gingerol, an important ingredient found in Sunthi, helps overcome nausea and vomiting.