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ZOIC Tulsi Active Ras 20ml


Tulsi Active Ras is 100% Natural With Very High Pure Quality & Efficacy By – “Natural Herbal Wonder Healthcare” ” Tulsi Active Ras – ( DROPs )” Queen Of Herbs & Is Blessed With Very Strong Benefits For Human Life.

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A fever is never a pleasant experience for anyone. The antibiotics have an ill effect on the body and can harm other body parts as well. The chemical based medicines give a temporary solution to the bodies suffering from fever and cold. Whereas Ayurvedic medicines on the other hand, goes down to the roots and help cure the disease without harming any other body part. It doesn’t destroy the immune system. Cold and fever generally occurs because the allergens like pollen react with the body. Here is where Ayurveda comes to the rescue. It has evolved as a primary choice amongst most of the people around. The chances of developing cold can be cured by Garlic, Tulsi, Ginger, and Cinnamon which are known to be ayurvedic herbs with anti-microbial and antiviral properties. The main aim of Ayurvedic medication is that it doesn’t suppress the disease but helps it progress towards its healing process.

There are various symptoms which a person may have to go through while he suffers from fever and cold. There may be burning sensation in the chest, production of phlegm, difficulty in swallowing food, irritability, tiredness, weakness, etc.

There are various Ayurvedic home remedies to cure cough and fever. You may drink tea made of ginger, honey and tulsi. Warm milk which works as a natural antibiotic can be mixed with turmeric and honey and should be consumed at night for relief and a peaceful sleep. You can take precautions like; abstain from spicy and junk food. Eat a healthy diet with lots of nutrients, take rest and do not strain your eyes.

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