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ZOIC Be-Slim & Active + Stevia (Herbal Tea)


Be-Slim & Active + Stevia (Herbal Tea) Take baby steps towards achieving your fitness goals the healthy way with the cup of our slimming tea. A delectable blend of pure whole leaf green tea with delicious organic herbs, formulated as per ayurveda that will help cleanse your body and boost your metabolism. Drinking one cup daily helps in losing weight, the healthy way.

ZOIC Glacto Powder 90gm


Glacto Power is a polyherbal Ayurvedic medicine for improving breast milk. It contains well-known herbal ingredients and helps to increase lactation (breast milk/mothers milk) by Galactagogue and Phyto-estrogenic activity.

ZOIC LivX Zyme (Liver Tonic) 200ml


We are the leading organization in the industry to provide our clients the best quality array of Ayurvedic Liver Zyme Syrup.

ZOIC Play Energy Growth Powder 200gm


This Play Energy Growth Powder is an 100% Ayurvedic and Effective Medicine in the Power Form provided by ZOIC. it is a Energy drink for sports athletes and bodybuilders with absolute mix of electrolytes, provides rehydration, electrolyte restoration and energy

ZOIC Silky Milky Herbal Face Pack


This Silky Milky Herbal Face Pack is a Mixture of 100% natural and Ayurvedic Herbs. Silky Milky Herbal Face Pack is prepared from inculcating various effective ingredients such as Neem, Hard, Daru Haldi, Lodhra, Yesti Madhu, Nimbu sat, Mazu and Supan. This Silky Milky Herbal Face Pack is proven to improve the complexion of the skin and treats acne & pimples successfully without any side effects.

ZOIC StonFyt Tablet + Oil


Stanfyt Tablet + Oil is a combination of Various Ayurvedic Ingredient Which is helpful in stone Remover immediately. Stanfyt Tablet is recommended in anemia, a condition that develops when the blood lacks enough healthy red blood cells or haemoglobin. this StonFyt tablet or Oil is more effective in Stomach Pain and Stone Pain.

ZOIC Tulsi Active Ras 20ml


Tulsi Active Ras is 100% Natural With Very High Pure Quality & Efficacy By – “Natural Herbal Wonder Healthcare” ” Tulsi Active Ras – ( DROPs )” Queen Of Herbs & Is Blessed With Very Strong Benefits For Human Life.


ZOIC Urifex Pain Relief Syrup + Capsules

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Uriflex 40mg Tablet and 200ml Syrup is a medicine used to treat and prevent gout. Gout happens when there is too much uric acid in your body and it forms into crystals which can appear around your joints leading to painful and swollen joints. This medicine helps to keep uric acid levels low.

ZOIC X-ES Gold Power Kit


Indications Erectile dysfunction Small Private size Premature ejaculation Men & Women Internal Parts Weakness & impotence Benefits Improves libido & performance Optimizes testosterone levels in the body Strengthens the penile tissue Non hormonal bio-stimulator

ZOIC Zymic Herbal Digestive Tonic 200ml


We have emerged as one of the leading manufacturers in offering Herbal Digestive Syrup.

Zoic ZYOCID Syrup For Acidity & Gas Problem


Zyocid Syrup Is an 100% Ayurvedic Medicine Which Is more helpful in Acidity, Gastritis & Flatulence, Indigestion, Nausea, Abdominal Bloating